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Summertime Fun

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Real Estate

Hello, this is Attorney Hunter Cavell. It’s a sunny day in February, which makes us think of summertime, which what that means is hopefully you’re planning for some summer fun. But that also means you need to take precautions, such as if you have a pool or a trampoline and have people come over.

Unfortunately, injuries are a fact of life, and they may happen. What most people don’t know is typically in a mortgage, there is an insurance policy that will defend you for any accidents on your property, up to about $100,000. Now, if you have a pool or a trampoline or something that’s inherently dangerous, maybe a playground set, you never want to think about the worst happening. But sometimes accidents happen.

That’s why I’d recommend talking with your insurance agent to get what’s called an umbrella policy, which typically adds about a million dollars of coverage should the unthinkable happen. It’s very important to have a comprehensive plan and to review your insurance policies at least once a year for things that may change, such as additions or increased valuables that you need to protect. It’s always better to protect yourself in the beginning and to make an inventory, preferably a video inventory, and to absolutely get that umbrella policy, especially if you have a trampoline, a pool, a fire pit or a playground, have fun and be safe. And if you have any questions, please reach out at (440) 940-6441 or [email protected]. Thank you.