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Defending Ohio’s Injured For More Than A Decade

My name is Hunter G. Cavell, and I own and manage Cavell Law, LLC. I have practiced law since 2013 and provide compassionate service to people who have been injured through no fault of their own. I have not only won multiple awards during my career but have also earned the trust of clients by committing myself to their needs.

The most important thing you can do after getting hurt in an accident is to contact an attorney. I follow up quickly with prospective clients and return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours. Let me stand up for you and fight for the compensation you need.

Car Accidents

The minutes after a car accident can be overwhelming. Victims often feel confused about how to respond – if they can respond at all. The general rule of thumb, though, is as follows:

  • Call 911 (if you are able)
  • Survey and document the accident scene
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver or drivers
  • Seek immediate medical attention (whether symptoms are evident or not)
  • Call a lawyer

I can be the lawyer who helps you get the compensation you deserve. I am both empathetic and effective: I take the time to listen to your concerns and will fight for your interests ferociously. I will make sure you don’t take the first settlement the insurance company offers you and will take your case all the way to court if negotiations fall through.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are entirely preventable. The onus is on Ohio property owners to keep their premises safe for visitors. Yet sometimes, they fail to address wet floors, icy sidewalks and other hazards, putting visitors to their property at risk.

If you slip and fall in public, I will work with you to hold the property owner accountable. To build a successful case, I will seek to establish elements of a strong claim, which include:

  • The property owner had a duty to keep the premises free of hazards.
  • The property owner breached their duty to keep the premises free of hazards.
  • The property owner’s breach of duty led to your accident.
  • You suffered injuries because of the accident.

In some instances, Ohio slip-and-fall victims may be found partly liable for their injuries due to the state’s comparative negligence laws. If this happens in your case, I will continue my efforts to maximize your compensation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are supposed to protect us. Despite their best efforts, they may make errors that put patients at risk of injury, illness or death. If your doctor’s negligence caused you harm, you cannot let them get away with their mistakes.

As an attorney, I have dedicated many hours of energy and effort to protecting patients injured by their doctors. I strive to help you secure all the economic and noneconomic damages you are eligible for, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Keep in mind that Ohio caps noneconomic damages at the greater of $250,000 or three times the value of your economic damages. Despite these limitations, I will do everything in my power to ensure your compensation is commensurate with your injuries.

I Can Help You Right Away

Far too often, people take their time reporting their injuries and hiring a lawyer. Remember, though, that Ohio’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years; for medical malpractice cases, this window is reduced to one year. Time is of the essence; the sooner you seek legal help, the better.

If you need representation immediately, I am ready to protect you. I offer free consultations from my office in Solon. Fill out my contact form or call me at 440-940-6441 to book yours now.