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I’ve Been Sued

by | Feb 25, 2024 | Business Law, Litigation

Hi, this is Attorney Hunter Cavell here. And today I want to talk about what happens when you get sued.

So you get home from a day of work and you notice something from your mail, looks kind of important, and it’s a summons. So what does that mean? First off, it means somebody’s probably sued you. So what should you do?

Well, the first thing is, don’t freak out. First, see when you got served, what date is it? Because that determines how long you have to respond to the complaint. That’s a very important time, because if you don’t respond, anything that’s in the complaint will be taken as true and a judgment will be entered against you, which means you might have to pay money or your bank account may be garnished and money may justdisappear one day.

So you don’t want that. The first thing you want to do is see who sued you and see who they sued. Did they sue you personally or a company in Ohio? Companies cannot represent themselves in a lawsuit to defend or to take an action. So you will need an attorney for that. No matter what.

The next thing to do is to read the complaint. What did the other person say you did wrong? What are they seeking? What are their damages? How much money do they want after that? You might think it’s just ridiculous and that everything’s untrue. And you might think that lawyers are a waste of money and you could handle it yourself. At the very least, you should contact an attorney to try to get a consultation to discuss it, to see if it is worth maybe the few hours to write an answer on your behalf and to defend you in court. Because it’s a long, stressful process and going alone is not the best option. Actually, it’s the worst option.

So if you’ve been sued and you need help, give me a call at 440-940-6441 or [email protected] see if I can help or point you inthe right direction. Thanks for reading.